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Be Expert
is a trusted,
privately owned,
to you.

 Enjoy your FREEDOM here:
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-Connect to the
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Be Expert International is
a new collaboration of people
with philanthropy at heart.

Our website was built with
genuine purpose;
the pursuit of expert excellence.
We ALL deserve the 
BEST digital education.

We can be expert together
and change the world.


Be Expert International

is proud to announce

our Global launch


the world's best

Digital Language Learning

courses and



You will achieve

university level certification

in English, Spanish,

French, German

and/or Italian;

most importantly,

you'll learn to speak

the language well.

It's really easy to learn

with the DLL app

because it's your

personal learning program.

You select the topics

you want to learn about

so learning the language

is always interesting.

You will also

learn the language by

watching interactive

movies or news

and enjoy LIVE support


for FREE!

More info - DLL APP

How do you join the

Global Community Network

and how does it work?

The BEI Membership includes

a FREE subscription to:

-Create a personal profile

-Full privacy protection control

-Access to public events

-Access to free content

-Access to view public content

-Access to make purchases

and more!

Verified Member Status

allows your digital communities 

to be safer here because

the subscription

requires payment information.

For your digital safety,

we use the best payment

service providers

in the world

to safeguard your

payments and information.


We eliminated

the security risk

of social network logins

so we don't have their problems.

You will have access to the

Global Network Gallery

to post your content!

Share, like, follow your favourite

members, influencers,

experts, businesses,

groups and people that you

want to know.

You may connect with them,

share your images, videos,

ideas and more.

Your Global Posts

only receive


with likes, shares and followers

because COMMENTS are

ONLY in Group Pages by

Verified Members.


There are Public Groups

and Private Groups.

Only Verified Members

of groups may post

on the group page.

Your Group may choose

the visibility of the group,

content visibility,

and many other options.

On your group(s) pages,

you may post photos, videos,

as well as

advertise products,

services, events

and promotions.

You also have access to the

Global Groups Network

and Special Events!

Professional Member Status

provides you with the ability to

sell subscriptions

and products like

images, videos,

courses and LIVE events!

-Send invitations

to your group members

and advertise your

services to them

as well as advertise in the

global community.



with your group(s)

or other groups

in the MOBILE app

anytime, anywhere;

even host a LIVE EVENT!


The Be Expert International

Global Expert Network

connects and creates

experts worldwide.

-Create your BEI Profile

-Invite your friends

-Connect with experts

-Advertise your expertise 

-Build your name brand

-Create DIGITAL courses

with our web based 

course builder!

-SELL your products

services, subscriptions,

tickets to events,

and live streaming!