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Welcome to the Be Expert International introduction and tutorial of the Digital Language Learning (DLL) application.


The DLL app allows you to select your native language however you are able to copy and translate text that is in the application when you are using it online on the website. You may use any computer or device to access the application online as well as download the mobile version which can be used with or without internet access. The best experience is online through the website in Desktop Mode which can be activated in your device easily.


You simply enter the application with your login and password then complete the assessment test (the first time only) to determine your  level. The program is universal for all levels so the assessment test is no worry, no problem. Just try to answer what you know and continue. You may retake tests until you feel 100% confident; the best way to learn is to keep doing it until you are expert but it needs to be interesting so you want to do it. You have many entertaining videos to learn with in your DLL application including an up to date news section to visit anytime. 

Your Be Expert International DLL app is personalised! At the start, it will ask you what topics that you want blended into your language learning like music, travel, technology, business, people, sports etc.


Now you are ready to dive into anything you want in the DLL app! If the language is very new for you then the vocabulary section is a good starting point because it shows pictures, easy words and it's learning about the things  you like! There are sections with engaging activities for Grammar, Specialized Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Business Skills, Performance, Metrics, Rewards and a News video section that is continuous learning forever.

If you want to learn FASTER then you simply need to spend time enjoying the DLL application to Be Expert!

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